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Learts puts a strong emphasis on simplicity, usefulness and creativity to ensure the quality of our products. Our designs never get out of date. We combine joyfulness of crafting things with aethestic values on every item in our store.


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Dried Flower Greeting Cards (Set of 5)


Be classy in greeting someone! This is an exquisite handmade organic paper greeting cards set. The cards will stand apart from e-messages and factory-made gloss! Sold in a set of 5 with matching envelopes. Each card, hand-made by our artists is a piece of original art with dried flowers and line drawing on beautiful bio paper. Tropical flowers like Bougainvillea, Ixora are dried. Paper is made from recycled waste of wood pulp, hay, straw and silk. Color-texture may show natural variations enhancing the rustic earthiness of this warm material. Suitable for any occasion.

  • Artist : Anita Kulkarni
  • Material : Recycled Paper
  • Primary Color : Apple White
  • Size : 5″X7″
  • Product Weight : 3 oz
  • Original or Reproduction : Original
  • Edition : Original

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Weight 3.4 oz
Dimensions 6 × 8 × 0.5 in
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