What Began in Design Schools Long Ago

It must have been quite a grill to conjure up all our skills and all ourdrawing tools and engage them in the insane night marathons when submissions approached! How else would we prepare the unwieldy hand-drawn design decks! But design schools really knew how to push us to belabor this stuff spiritedly. We excitedly and endlessly played with forms, colors and textures trying to arrange them on a ‘wall’ – meaning a large sheet of blank paper – to see what compositions we arrived at, and what they expressed.

With advancing semesters came in the third dimension; and then came the fourth – of light and shade.

College ended soon. But our experiments continued ever after into future, our discoveries revealing hundreds of visual possibilities on exciting horizons. But real momentum gathered only when there were real projects with a market study of materials supporting it, bringing things to life! It’s been a fascinating journey in time!

Today, we are sheer delighted to bring August Accents to you. Building on our expertise and experience in Design so far! It almost feels like a culmination of the creative process that started decades back. We are thrilled to bring a range of artistic hand-made products for you and your home decor. Our love for colors, forms and textures has thoroughly enjoyed exploring beautiful organic materials like silk, cotton, recycled paper, driftwood, and more. Usefulness and stylewere our starting cues, but can there ever be any dearth of inspiration for nature-loving minds! Nature is masterful with Four Seasonsbeing instrumental in our color palette. Check out our accents in lily white, cherry blossom pink, lush high summer green, autumn orange and gold-silver of the holiday cheer! Be it a swanky downtown loft apartment or a sprawling suburban home, an office reception or a work space, we have products and furnishings for all uses and every user.

Architecture may be majestic, monumental and imposing, but accessories beautifully humanize a space. They are a reflection of people who occupy it, bringing the personal touch. And August Accents is unique in so many ways! Pick our exquisite silk and cotton products to instantly perk up your space, pick up a personal accessory like an ethnic neck piece or a folk scarf for a new style statement, or select wall art from our collection of original paintings. Most August Accents handmade products are single edition. We respect the environment, and are proud to represent artistry from different World regions through art forms like Kalamkari, Leheriya and Madhunanifrom India. Learn about the poetry and divinity in these amazing artsat August Accents. We have individually written informative blurbs for our accents. Look for your product insert in your package!

August Accents is an artists’ studio for original art.

By buying our products you become much more than a customer. You become a proud art patron.
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Anita Kulkarni
Anuja Palsule
July 10, 2020

August Accents

August Accents is an artists’ studio for original art.